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▼ About Overseas Imported Products
Our company, based in Japan, carefully selects and imports Chinese-made products, delivering them directly from our partners in China. Please note that many apparel items in Japan come from Chinese factories. We ensure each item undergoes thorough quality checks before dispatch. Keep in mind that all products are made and shipped from China. If uncertain, we recommend refraining from purchase. Personal reason returns are not accepted, but in case of defects, we offer exchanges. For exchanges, items must be returned to our partners in Japan or China. Agreeing to these terms is indicated by checking the checkbox at checkout.

Please note that items may be out of stock or discontinued at the time of ordering, resulting in cancellation of the specific product.Our inspections follow international criteria.
he following conditions are not deemed defective unless they affect wearability:

* Button attachment looseness
* Folding and transportation creases
* Variation in fabric, color, and design due to reproduction
* Color inconsistency in resin and bead decorations
* Slight misalignment of stud earring pins
Size differences due to stitching are not considered defects. Minor size variances are not grounds for defective product claims. Colors may vary based on photography settings and monitor displays. We sell products as presented by the overseas manufacturers.
* We inspect each item before sale.
* For obvious defects or wrong items, contact us within 3 days of receipt.

[About Washing]
Hand wash gently at your discretion. To prevent color bleeding, avoid washing with other items. Beware of color transfer not only during washing but also from physical contact.

[About Accessory Care]
* Store away from direct sunlight or high heat.
* Wipe with a soft, dry cloth if in contact with sweat, water, or sebum.
* Avoid drops or impacts.
* Do not wear in baths, hot springs, or pools (except stainless steel items).
* Store in airtight bags for long-term preservation. This prevents oxidation and damage from dust or collisions.
* Gold-coated products' thin film over brass or silver will wear over time. Keep dry and clean to prolong the coating. Avoid abrasive polishes. Re-plating can restore shine, which our store does not offer.

[About Metal Allergies]
Be cautious of metal allergies. We can't guarantee allergy-free products suit all individuals. If you have concerns or develop skin issues, discontinue use and consult a specialist. Returns for allergies are not accepted.

▼ Product Delivery Period
* Normal Product: International shipping in 1-4 weeks. Inspection and dispatch after ordering.
*Immediate shipping for orders with only ready-to-ship items. Combined orders ship when all items are ready. Delays possible due to holidays or customs.

▼ Post-Order Email
An automatic confirmation email will be sent. For missing emails, check our guide [Important]. We are not responsible for unreceived or unconfirmed emails due to customer settings. Contact us via LINE for other inquiries.

▼ About Delivery
* All items shipped with tracking.
* Eco-friendly simple packaging.
* Paperless, no enclosed delivery statements. Check your order details online.
* Customs inspections may occur, causing packaging damage. We'll exchange if the product itself is damaged.
* Absence during delivery leads to a notification for redelivery arrangement. Unclaimed items discarded without re-shipment or refund. We are not liable for discarded products.
* Personal information used only for shipping.

[Order to Delivery Process]
Order → Payment Confirmation → Procurement and Inspection → International Shipping → Customs Clearance → Arrival

▼ Shipping Details
* Rate: 1000-2600yen
* Free shipping for orders over 15,000 yen

▼ Payment Methods
* Credit Card (VISA/MASTER/American Express/JCB)
* Google Pay
* Shop Pay
* Apple Pay

▼ Cancellations, Exchanges, and Returns
* No cancellations after ordering.
* No exchanges or returns due to customer reasons.
* Exchanges for initial defects or wrong items within 3 days of receipt.

▼ Inquiries
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▼ FAQs
Visit our FAQ section for common questions.
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