Regarding the following frequently asked questions

Your reply will be the same as below. Please check in advance.

◆When will it arrive?
It will be shipped from overseas in about 7 to 45 days (average 4 to 14 days). I will email you when it ships. Please see here for details . For inquiries about orders that have been in place for more than 3 weeks, we will check the status and reply.

◆Can I cancel or change my reservation?
Since orders are placed immediately after placing an order, it cannot be canceled or changed even before it has been shipped.

◆Can you issue a receipt?
We do not issue receipts. Please use your credit card statement or bank transfer statement.

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◆ Contact e-mail address
We will reply within 2 business days (weekdays). If you do not receive a reply, please check your junk mail, allow reception, and contact us again.

◆Other inquiry methods
Official LINE
Add friend

◆Items to be described (you can copy and use)
・Your name ・Details of your inquiry (order number and product number starting with #)


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Carrier mail (docomo/au/softbank) will be rejected by the automatic spam filter. Please use the PC address.

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Customer Request
Our Customer Support team at our store is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. If you need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. However, to maintain a healthy operation and show respect to our staff, we kindly request your cooperation in the following areas:
  1. About Respectful Communication: Communication with our customers should be based on mutual respect and understanding. In the event of customer harassment, our store's staff may postpone handling it and, depending on the situation, consider legal actions. Examples:
    • Using commanding language or tone with our staff, such as making demands like "Do this immediately."
    • Using threatening language or actions towards our staff or other customers, including threats of legal action.
  2. Respect for Our Staff: Our Customer Support team works tirelessly to assist customers and find solutions to their needs. However, it's important to remember that our staff members are human beings and deserve respect in all interactions. We kindly ask for cooperative communication.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and we are committed to making every effort to ensure smooth communication and provide high-quality service. Thank you for your cooperation.