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◆When will it arrive?
It will be shipped from overseas in about 7 to 45 days (average 4 to 14 days). I will email you when it ships. Please see here for details . For inquiries about orders that have been in place for more than 3 weeks, we will check the status and reply.

◆Can I cancel or change my reservation?
Since orders are placed immediately after placing an order, it cannot be canceled or changed even before it has been shipped.

◆Can you issue a receipt?
We do not issue receipts. Please use your credit card statement or bank transfer statement.

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FAQ~Frequently Asked Questions~

◆ Contact e-mail address
We will reply within 2 business days (weekdays). If you do not receive a reply, please check your junk mail, allow reception, and contact us again.

◆Other inquiry methods
Official LINE
Add friend

◆Items to be described (you can copy and use)
・Your name ・Details of your inquiry (order number and product number starting with #)

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Carrier mail (docomo/au/softbank) will be rejected by the automatic spam filter. Please use the PC address.

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