[Important] For customers who have not received an order confirmation email

Thank you for always using HELROUS.

HELROUS automatically sends an e-mail after an order is placed and when it is shipped. We have received reports from the following customers that they have not received their emails.

①Customers using mobile email addresses (docomo/au/softbank carrier email)

② Customers using free email such as hotmail, YahooMail, Gmail

In particular, there are many cases where customers using ① do not receive it. Therefore, we recommend that you use your PC address as the email address when ordering.

[Settings to check if you do not receive an email]

◆Customers using cellphone email addresses (docomo/au/softbank carrier email) Your email may have been automatically rejected by the spam filter. If you use an anti-spam filter,


noreply.bmk@gmail.com (send only)

Please change your settings so that you can receive

◆Customers using a free e-mail address The e-mail may have been automatically sorted into the spam folder or trash box. Please check it once. In addition, you can prevent sorting to the spam folder by sorting (filtering) the received mail of each free mail service.

◆Is there a mistake in entering your e-mail address?
There is a possibility that the description of the e-mail address registered by the customer is incorrect. If you have any concerns, please contact us below.

◆Is the mailbox on the server full?
There is an upper limit to the capacity of mailboxes on the server, and new emails may not be accepted when the inbox is full.

We will respond to customer inquiries within 3 business days. Please contact us from here .