Refund policy

Regarding the special provisions for returns:



We do not accept cancellations after an order has been placed. Once you place an order, we will immediately order from the overseas manufacturer. As commission fees, payment fees, and purchase payment fees have already been incurred at the time of purchase, cancellation is not possible even before the product is shipped. Furthermore, changes to the order cannot be made due to the above reasons. Please confirm carefully before payment.



We do not accept returns for customer convenience. We carefully inspect each product before shipping to ensure the best quality, but if there are any mistakes in delivery or initial defects, please report them within 3 days. We will respond promptly and sincerely. Note that the conditions for return and exchange are based on the rules of the refund policy. Cooling-off rights are not mandated for mail-order sales, so the cooling-off system does not apply. Please understand this before placing your order.


[Return Address]

We will inform you of the return address when you return the item. The address of the specific commercial warehouse cannot receive returned items. If you send it there by mistake, additional shipping fees will be charged. Also, please note that we cannot respond to sudden returns or post-reporting without prior communication with us.


[Terms of Use]

By making a purchase, you must agree to the above terms and conditions on the purchase screen. We will respond in accordance with the following terms. Please be sure to confirm them.


[Shopping Guide]

Please read before making a purchase.


[Return and Exchange Procedures]

How to contact us for return or exchange
Please send the following to our contact e-mail address within 3 days of receiving the product (confirmed by tracking number).

・A photograph of the defective part

・A photograph of the product as a whole

・A photo of the shipping label (outside of the packing bag)

We will not be able to respond if you do not send us a photo of the defective item within 3 days of its arrival. We will not be able to respond to requests made after the fourth day of delivery. If you contact us, we will determine whether the item is defective or not and reply to you.


[Contact Method for Returns and Exchanges]

Please send photos of the defective area and a full photo of the product that clearly shows the problem within 3 days of receiving the product (with tracking number). We cannot respond if you do not send the photos by 3 days after the product arrives. We will confirm whether or not the item is defective and respond to your message. [Information to be Sent] -Name -Order number (#number) -Product name -Attach a photo of the defective part and a full photo of the product As we have a record of inspections, we will confirm the responsible person by the image.


[Contact Method]

Please contact us at the above address. We will reply within 3 business days.

*We do not accept personal requests for defective exchanges or inquiries via direct messages on SNS or other platforms.


[Regarding the quality of overseas products]

As we handle select products from countries other than Japan, our inspections are based on overseas standards. Common issues with overseas products include:

  • Buttons not sewn on tightly
  • Wrinkles from transportation
  • Differences in appearance from images
  • Holes not properly made for buttons
  • Small defects such as embroidery misalignment, fraying, minor stains or scratches due to the manufacturing process
  • Fading or slight discoloration
  • Excess glue
  • Strong odors due to the nature of the product
  • Chalk marks (will come off in the wash)
  • Changes in fabric, color, or design due to reproduction
  • Differences in size

In apparel products, differences of several centimeters may occur due to stitching. Unless there is a size difference in the order (e.g. L received instead of S), minor measurement errors will not be treated as defective products.

These issues are common with overseas products. If they do not interfere with wearing the product, we do not consider them defective. Please note that the color may appear different due to factors such as the environment of the photoshoot or the customer's monitor settings. We sell products based on the manufacturer's color and size chart. However, there may be errors or individual differences, so size charts are only approximate. Due to international shipping, packaging may be damaged or products may be slightly deformed during transportation. Please note that boxes are used to protect the product during long-distance air transportation, so crushed boxes etc. may occur.


[Excluded from return/exchange]

  • Product exchanges or returns due to customer preferences (e.g. differences in image or size, incorrect orders)
  • Discounted products such as fukubukuro (lucky bags), set products, and sale items
  • Returns sent without prior notification (including post-facto reports)
  • Products with evidence of being worn, processed, or washed
  • Products that are damaged or contaminated during return shipping
  • Products that have picked up odors (perfume, cigarettes, drawers, food, etc.)
  • Products without tags, labels (packing bags), boxes, or accessories
  • Returns due to late shipping or failure to meet the intended wear date
  • Returns or exchanges that exceed the deadline